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    "Drama lies in extreme exaggeration of the feelings;

    an exaggeration that dislocates everyday reality."

    ~ Ionesco

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    Ye Olde Hardware, "Alice"

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    Hannah's Story, "Mary"


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    Cake or Death, the play

    written by Anne-Geri' Fann and Elizabeth Hayes


    A comic farce that peeks into the life of Emily and her two cohabitants, Lenore and Freedom, ghosts who passed away twenty-two years apart in the same apartment. As the story unfurls, Emily sheds light onto the deaths of her two cohabitants, only to find out that if they don't move quickly, she could be the next one to kick the bucket! An incredibly entertaining play about life, death, metaphysics, Shakespeare, James Dean, pot, and The Wizard of Oz.


    UM ... cake, please?

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    "Slow down ..."

    Click to watch it just for fun. It's a tribute to Billy Joel that vocal artist Jeffrey (Williams) Wilsor and I put together a few years ago. I sang backup.

    oh, and you may enjoy this too - Jeffrey and I did it after the Nashville Flood of 2010 for fundraising purposes...